RFID Solutions

Simply put RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a wireless technology that allows rapid tracking, counting and managing of People, Assets, Stock, Vehicles, Animals etc in almost any industry. Unlike barcode it is non-line of sight and can literally count hundreds of items in a few seconds giving you incredibly powerful information and reports that allow you to control and manage your business or industry like never before.

Asset Tracking and Inventory Management

Now with just one user-friendly software platform you can manage patient and staff care and safety, find essential equipment in an instant and eliminate costly wastage from out of date inventory

patient monitoring technology ireland

Wandering Patient and Infant Safety

The system allows you to implement powerful yet flexible security policies protecting patients from accidentally wandering off the unit while still maintaining full freedom of movement for your staff. It offers industry leading features to safeguard and monitor patients.


We have installed patient wander, nurse call, asset tracking and staff protection systems in hospitals all over Ireland. To see a list of the Irish hospitals we have installed RFID systems for recently click here.

Visit our main Website about these products www.smartRFID.ie for more information.