Asset Tracking and Inventory Management

Now with just one user-friendly software platform you can manage patient and staff care and safety, find essential equipment in an instant and eliminate costly wastage from out of date inventory (e.g. medication).


From the time an asset is purchased till its retired, we track all activity of that asset, including services and calibration performed, scheduling upcoming services and inventory consumed to service asset.

  • Tag it, Find it, Count it and Manage it all from a simple cloud based platform
  • Real Time Visibility – Instantly know where your essential equipment is, and where it’s been
  • Eliminate loss and theft – you can even automatically lock exits if a valuable item is being taken from the building


Expiry dates monitored and managed leading to ZERO disposals – This is up to 30% in some medical facilities

  • Inventory levels reduced by up to 50% by allowing Smart RFID to automatically manage usage and re-order levels
  • Significant reductions in labour costs involved in inventory management and maintenance allowing staff to be redeployed in more essential areas.
  • Smart RFID can monitor your entire medical inventory (inc small high value items like stents) in real time so that you know exactly what you have, where it is, when it expires, when you need to order and it can even monitor the temp in your fridges so that you can protect perishables

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