Wandering Patient and Infant Safety

The system allows you to implement powerful yet flexible security policies protecting patients from accidentally wandering off the unit while still maintaining full freedom of movement for your staff. It offers industry leading features to safeguard and monitor patients.

ADA Security are the official installation partners for SafeGuard in Ireland. SafeGuard are one of the leaders in this technology in the USA.

Elderly Patient Protection

  • Our tags are the smallest and lightest in the industry with a strong yet comfortable tamper proof strap
  • Simple 2 step enrollment and discharge with patient photograph allowing frontline staff spend more time with their patients
  • Automatic door lock with discreet sounder and staff alert at Nurse Station thereby avoiding upsetting patients and staff with loud nuisance alarms
  • Precise location and live movements of all patients (inc photograph) around the ward at the Nurse Station PC allowing comprehensive but discreet monitoring especially of high risk patients. The system can even play back the movements and activities of any patient over a past period of time.

Infant Security

  • Our tags are small, light and comfortable with the best infection control design in the industry.
  • Only tag available with Dual-Tamper alert making it impossible to remove them without setting off an alarm event but also eliminates nuisance alarms.
  • Only system on the market with umbilical tags and and Mother and Baby Match as options
  • Intuitive, easy to use software. Just apply the tag and the system automatically picks it up making enrolling and discharging an infant a simple two step process

For more information visit our dedicated website www.smartrfid.ie

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